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Sailboat dodger frame and floating bimini

This was a really fun project. The customer wanted a new dodger frame and a bimini for his sailboat. He didn't want to go with a traditional bimini design, which typically has a multitude of stainless steel tubing supports that tend to break up the clean lines of the boat as well as obstruct the view from the cockpit. 

Our solution was to build a floating bimini. The forward bimini supports are built into the dodger frame handrails, a custom fitting attaches the rear of the bimini to the mizzen mast, this is wrap around stainless steel band that attaches without the need for drilling any holes in the mast. Additionally two machined fittings welded to the bimini frame attach to the mizzen shrouds to add rotational stability to the rear. The bimini breaks down into three separate sections via custom stainless quick releases.

The bimini shape is matched to the shape of the cockpit with a camber to compliment the dodger and deck camber. The forward edge of the bimini slopes down to allow clearance for the main boom when the boom is at sailing height.  

The end result is a very clean look with greatly improved functionality over traditional designs

This pic shows the wrap around for the mizzen mast, without the mizzen wrap around the aft end of the cockpit would not be covered by the bimini

The bimini breaks down into three easily manageable sections using custom stainless steel quick releases

A view from the inside of the cockpit, I'm really happy with the clean uncluttered look

The front of the bimini slopes to match the main boom

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